'Retired' is a 6 page sci-fi thriller set in London. The short story was written by Adlai McCook, drawn by myself, and coloured by Dearbhla Kelly. Letters, not shown, were by Kerrie Smith

The script detailed an exciting, action heavy alien invasion. I approached the pages with this in mind, aiming to give my artwork a more cinematic and rendered feel.

The first 4 pages, bitmap and in colour, are shown to the left.




'Shift' is an 11 page teen-horror short story set in the Irish country side. The story was written by JP Jordan, drawn and lettered by myself, and colours by Stefanie Reville. Louise Fitzpatrick was colour assistant on the story.

On these pages, I aimed to make the artwork inviting, with bounce and energy to reflect the house party occurring at the beginning of the story. A decision was made to leave the first 5 pages' panels without set borders. This is designed to contrast with the second half of the story, when a heavy use of spot blacks and defined panel borders are introduced from page 6, creating tension and a feeling of claustrophobia.

The first 7 pages, in bitmap and in colour, are shown to the left. 



Duckworth's Last Stand

'Duckworth's Last Stand is a fantasy short story, written by Hugo Boylan, drawn by myself, and lettered by Kerrie Smith.

The script called for a fun, over the top fantasy tale. I decided to illustrate the story with a cartoony flair, making it inviting and energetic for the reader. The size of panels were used deliberately to emphasise the speed of the action occurring and create a sense of dynamism. 

The first 5 pages are shown to the left



Rabbit and Paul

My first published work, 'Rabbit and Paul' is an original graphic novel written and drawn by me, and published in 2015.

The story is a fun, exciting tale about a boy and his new, 6 foot tall, talking rabbit. To emphasise the playful nature of the comic, I drew the story with a cartoony flair and exaggerated many features of the imagery. I drew the story to appeal to readers of all ages, and experimented with different inking techniques when they felt appropriate in different scenes. 

The first 7 pages of the 62 page GN are shown to the left.